I trusted this company to do a French drain in my house. They gave me what seemed to be a fair price. One of their guys broke a window in a door leading out of my house. I found it later covered with plastic. Did they ever mention it to me? Nope. I asked them about it and they admitted they did it. They still have not gotten back to fix it – YEARS LATER. I also had further leaking in my basement that they said was guaranteed to be waterproof. And whose fault do you think that was – mine! Yep, they told me that I did not follow their advice on replacing a particular window sill. Do you think I would have paid what I did and not had the job done completely? Come on. I am really disappointed and even though I text the owner about the on-going issues, he never does anything. In fact, he sent one guy out, his main manager, to my house when this first happened and he started getting loud and blaming me. That’s when I asked about the window. He had no response. I told him to leave. Unreal! Go somewhere else with your business. You can do so much better.