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A Basement Waterproofing Professional Can Help You Prepare for These Natural Disasters Langhorne, PA

A Basement Waterproofing Professional Can Help You Prepare for These Natural Disasters Langhorne, PA

When most people think about basement waterproofing contractors, they think about flooding in the basement. Many people turn to waterproofing contractors to help protect their properties from flooding. However, these contractors are able to protect your home from other natural disasters. Below we discuss how a reputable contractor can help you keep your property safe when facing various natural disasters. 

1. Flooding 

This is the most obvious natural disaster that a basement waterproofing contractor can help with. When water seeps into your basement it can cause damage to property within your basement. However, the effects of flooding can be felt for a long time after the actual flooding. You may experience bowing basement walls from the increased hydrostatic pressure on the outside of the basement walls. You may also experience mold and mildew infestations from the dampness left behind by the flooding. 

Waterproofing contractors can provide you with various waterproofing solutions to protect your home from flooding including installing interior drains, a vapor barrier, interior drains as well as a dehumidifier. 

2. Drought 

Not many people associate basement waterproofing with drought. However, drought can have a negative impact on your foundation. Prolonged drought can cause your foundation to crack due to the soils around the foundation shrinking and not providing adequate support. When the rains come, the soils expand and cause damage to the foundation due to increased hydrostatic pressure

A waterproofing contract can help to protect your foundation by keeping it stabilized. They can ensure the foundation is backfilled property and guide you on how to irrigate the soil around the foundation to avoid shrinkage. 

3. Hurricanes 

If you live in an area that is affected by hurricanes, you would do well to speak with a basement waterproofing contractor and have your basement waterproofed. Hurricanes are tropical storms. They can cause flooding that will wreak havoc to your foundation. High winds can cause damage to your gutters and downspouts leaving your foundation exposed to accumulation of water. 

A waterproofing contractor can protect your foundation by installing sturdy gutters and downspouts. They will also install drain tile, a sump pump, and a dehumidifier to keep your basement dry. 

4. Blizzards and ice storms

Winter events such as blizzards and ice storms can be damaging not just to the parts of your home above ground, but also to those below grade. Cold temperatures can result in frozen pipes. Pipes can burst as a result of the expanding ice water.  This can result in flooding of the basement. In addition, molten snow can cause an increase in hydrostatic pressure when the runoff water seeps into the soil. 

A basement waterproofing contractor can ensure that pipes and other utilities are insulated to prevent freezing. They will also install an effective waterproofing system including a sump pump, drain tile, dehumidifier, and vapor barrier to keep your basement dry. 

Are you concerned about a natural disaster’s damage to your property? Contact us to speak with our team and learn about how you can protect your property.

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